Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Professional Commercial Cleaners You Can Trust

When looking to hire a local commercial cleaning company nearby your MN location, we understand your concerns and we understand them well. No one wants to wait for service, to be treated with less than complete respect or pay for inferior services. We pride ourselves with only bringing the best to the table with qualified and experienced janitorial staff who will leave you satisfied…big job or small. We have built our solid reputation on it! You can be completely confident when you choose Victory Building Services that you have made the right choice and we will go the extra mile to make you another satisfied customer. We don’t accept anything less and you shouldn’t either!

At Victory Building Services, we make it a priority to be completely upfront and transparent with you during every step of our relationship. Below you can read a little more about the process of getting a proposal for your facility with us.

Initial Contact

From the moment you show us you are interested in learning more about commercial cleaning services for your facility, we immediately will get in touch with you. We then will make an in person appointment for a proposal on services for your facility. These appointments are 100% free of charge whether you decide to pursue business with us or not.

The Walk-through

During our initial meeting, we will meet at your building with you and any of your colleagues who wish to join. We first will want to learn about you as well as the building itself. This information will all provide us better insight on what sort of customized commercial cleaning plan will fit best for your facility.

The Proposal

After meeting and walking through your facility, we then go back to our office and start creating the proposal. This proposal will meet your required frequency, budget, and schedule. Formal proposals are usually created in under a week for most sizes of facilities. Once everything is good to go, we will send the proposal over to you for you to review and get back to us with any questions.

Starting the Commercial Cleaning Services

Hopefully you decide to choose Victory Building Services as your commercial cleaning service provider in Minneapolis MN. If you do, we will then set a date to start our services at your facility. After starting, it usually takes us about 1-2 weeks to get our staff accustomed and trained in at your facility. After everything gets going smoothly, our management continues to provide periodic checkups to make sure everything continues running smoothly. We also have continual open contact with you at all times just in case anything happens to come up!

Contact us using the form below on on our contact page for any questions or inquiries you might have!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services take care of heavier cleaning tasks, or those that are contracted on a regular basis at certain times of the year.

Janitorial Service

We all know that a tidy, clean office or business environment gives a good impression to clients. Janitorial services provide regular cleaning maintenance so that your office is always ready to receive the next big visitor.

commercial office cleaning services

Office Cleaning Services

Regular office cleaning is a must-have service that every business owner should have. It creates a clean and healthy environment for employees and customers.

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