Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional Specialty Cleaning Services

The smallest things often make the largest difference in facility maintenance. Twin Cities Facility Maintenance can help you with your regular building maintenance needs. We have you fully covered whether you are searching for specialty services on an ongoing basis or need to have a one-time project done. You can be assured with Twin Cities Facilities Maintenance that your facility and investment are fully protected.

Our Specialty Cleaning Services:

Floor Stripping and Waxing

When you finish your floors it can make a significant difference in your facility’s appearance. Our floor services can make your floors shine and bring them fully back to life.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Many customers are not aware of just how dirty their carpets actually are until they have their carpets cleaned. Once they have commercial carpet cleaning done, a majority of customers can literally smell a huge difference.

Exterior Window Washing

When you live in Minnesota and its harsh weather, the exterior part of your windows should be washed twice per year at least in order to prevent dirty and unpleasant views.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company to Perform Specialty Services

– Saves Your Time – Clients are too busy to have the time to look for a service provider and tend to either spend too much money on getting things done at the last minute or ignore the ask. When you hire a commercial company that you are already familiar with to do the job, it will save you a lot of time.

– Gets the Job Done Right – Professional cleaning services have the appropriate equipment to do the job right. Beyond that, they know all of the ins and outs of the job. They can work around your individual and specific needs.

– Provides Reliable Services – When you have a professional cleaning service do the job for you, then you will not need to supervise the work or delay other important tasks that you need to do. You just need to ensure they provide you with a high quality of service.

– Worthwhile Investment – When you outsource specialty services to a commercial cleaning company it can help save you money. As previously mentioned, daily maintenance services continue to become more expensive. When you hire a cleaning company to do these tasks, you are making an investment that will add value to your company’s reputation.

Hire Twin Cities Facility Maintenance

Customers who choose to hire Twin Cities Facilities Maintenance for specialty services can choose customized services that are specifically tailored to the client’s budget and needs.

If you need a professional cleaning services provider in the Twin Cities area that can meet your individual requirements, then give us a call at (952) 207-5347.