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Raise the Bar on Your Building Services.

Reduce your daily distractions and increase productivity with our commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

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Keep Your Building Feeling Clean With Victory Building Services.

Your building is an environment where your staff and/or clients spend much of their day at. And the cleanliness of this environment should not be regarded just as a visual aesthetic, but also as a factor of health. Make sure to have high expectations when choosing your next service provider.

Not Franchised

We are not a franchised business. Instead, we are locally owned and operated. The benefit of this is that we have 100% control over our operations. The result of this is a higher quality service for your building.

Fully Insured

We carry and stay up to date with all insurance requirements. From Workers Comp, Liability, and Auto. A renewed Certificate Of Insurance is also provided to all clients each year.

Security Compliant

All employees of Victory Building Services have had their background screened prior to joining our team.

Service Solutions Customized For Your Building's Needs.

Victory Building Services offers an array of building services to our clients. Contact us to learn more about our service capabilities and how we can serve you.

We provide customized, recurring, commercial cleaning service plans up to 7 days per week, day or night. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can exceed your expectations with our commercial cleaning services.

If you manage a building that has high traffic then you probably require a porter on-site during busy hours to keep your building looking and feeling fresh.

Bring put new life back into your carpets. Our commercial carpet cleaning services will not only make your carpets look new again, but will bring a fresh scent back into your office.

Make your floors look new again! Depending on the foot traffic at your building, flooring gets worn down fast. Regular maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your floor’s lifespan. We can provide you with scrubbing, polishing, stripping, waxing and grout cleaning.

We provide many clients with routine, interior and exterior, window cleaning throughout the year.

Consolidate your vendors and let us take care of the unit turn cleaning and carpet cleaning at your apartment or condominium community.

We will take care of the post-construction cleaning needs at your new building.

Managing and reordering consumable inventory as needed (Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Hand Soap, Disinfectant etc.)

Whether you want your building routinely disinfected, or there has been an outbreak of disease and you just require a one-time sanitation. We can provide you with same-day disinfecting services using our highly effective electrostatic disinfecting machines.

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