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How The Concept Of Building Wellness Is Completely Transforming Cleaning Services

It wasn’t too long ago when property management services were primarily oriented around efficiency. This was a very understandable approach. After all, saving both time and money on property management can provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Because of this, a lot of companies really honed in on boosting efficiency and looked to go to significant lengths to reduce everything from service times to product costs thereby transferring those benefits to the building owners and occupants.

However, that proved to be harmful in the end. While seeking and pursuing efficiency is a good thing, it isn’t and shouldn’t be everything. By effectively treating efficiency as the primary goal and objective, it ends up hurting both those who are in the building and the building itself. By pursuing this and only this, it eventually leads to harm. This is why a lot of the property management companies that are leading the path are now focusing on a new concept which is known as building wellness. This concept turns the old concept upside down and it instead focuses on balancing both efficiency and wellness. While efficiency is still sought after and valued, it is not given priority over wellness. To put it simply, it is a much healthier approach. This approach is completely changing and transforming the nature of property management services as a whole. Let us look at four different questions surrounding building wellness in order to really understand what it means for the building management industry, for professional cleaning services, and for you.

What Exactly Is Building Wellness?

What does building wellness mean? Depending on the various industries, the applications differ greatly. However, at its very core, this concept means that a focus is placed on creating and sustaining the healthiest potential indoor environment for everyone in the building. It prioritizes the health of everyone in the building over everything including efficiency.

How Does Building Wellness Completely Change Cleaning Services?

We are much more than janitors. In fact, we are responsible for everything including the cleanliness of the buildings and the overall health of everyone in it.

This change in direction and focus has completely transformed our cleaning services and our approach:

  1. All of our cleaning procedures are completely focused on health optimization. This is the primary difference between cleaning a bathroom for efficiency and cleaning for health. Previous pursuits for speed and efficiency had us wiping down surfaces as soon as they were sprayed with disinfectant. Now, with a health focus, we allow the solution to work and kill the bacteria before wiping things down.
  2. Everyone that is on our staff is completely trained in building wellness. Having a level of understanding in building wellness requires a lot of training in both procedures and products. Likewise, it even takes a willingness to adjust traditional mindsets and frameworks. Closing the bathroom for 15 minutes to allow cleaning solutions to kill bacteria isn’t a popular thing. However, it’s an essential thing that must be done if the objective is to offer an optimal environment for health and wellness.
  3. We have an intense focus on building wellness education. We always encourage everyone including our employees, our clients, and the public to learn more about and to understand the value of sustainable cleaning and any risk associated with alternative approaches.

How Does Building Wellness Affect You?

You might be wondering how building wellness can affect you. The main answer is: it can effectively improve the health and wellness of everyone in it. If you work to incorporate this type of approach into your daily life, it can make you healthier, as well. After all, we all spend a lot of time indoors and the environment we constantly live in and work in can take a toll on our health.

Are you ready to get rid of the obsession with efficiency and move towards an approach that is much more balanced?

Here at Victory Building Services, we take pride in providing the best cleaning services for both commercial and government facilities with a health-first mindset. Transform your entire approach today and take the first step towards ensuring there is a health and wellness mindset to your cleaning strategy by calling us today.

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