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Office Cleanliness

Should You Be concerned with the Level of Cleanliness in your Office?

Of course you should! There are numerous proven benefits to walking into a clean office each day and the reverse is also true. Walking into a working space that is disorganized and unsanitary can negatively impact your work and mind frame. When it comes down to it, the health, productivity and brand image of your business will all be affected by the level of office cleanliness.

If you work in an office, what level of hygiene and cleanliness should you come to expect? If you are an employer and hope to run a hygienic office space, what type of things should you look out for? You will find the answers to these and more questions coming up in the next few sections.

Your Health Is Involved – Offices Have Germs!

It is important to consider how the office space you are managing can be affecting your health. There is abundant clinical research that states that offices are breeding grounds for germs and disease. Just consider some of the following statistics:

• There is almost 400X the amount of disease carrying bacteria living on the average desk than on the average toilet seat.

• The average office phone features an extensive variety of microbiology. A square inch of space can house over 25,127 germs, including some heavy hitters like E. Coli and Helicobacter Pylori.

• The kitchenette in the office is one of the most disease ridden areas of the home. The handles and surfaces in refrigerators, cabinets, drawers and countertops carry some of the highest concentrations of germs. The water cooler is a popular hangout and can feature as many as 2.7 million germs per square inch.

• A survey was presented to over 1000 office workers and found that as many as 66% of the interviewed candidates admitted to putting their health at risk by not following office cleanliness protocol.

As you can see, office cleanliness is nothing to be underestimated, especially with flu and cold seasons just around the corner. Involve your facility manager and regular cleaning company in a comprehensive plan to improve the levels of hygiene in your company.

Brand Reputation – “Word Gets Around”

We have all been to that store or restaurant that seems very attractive from a distance. But, upon closer inspection, things are not so pleasant. Maybe there are greasy marks on the windows or the floors have not been cleaned in a few days. Worse yet, there is an unpleasant odor emitted by every surface that tells of poor cleanliness standards. These types of places always send out a very specific message.

While this state of affairs has certainly placed the location in a bad light in your book, the negative implications will not end there. This is a tale you will probably tell your close friends and loved ones, if nothing else to save them from disease and unpleasant experiences. The fact of the matter for businesses is that bad news travels faster than any good publicity and is far more trusted.

Here are some of the most important points that should be addressed in a thorough office cleaning.

• Keep entrance glass spotless – glass should be kept crystal clear, even the smallest smudges and streaks can make a bad impression.

• Foyer and lobby floors – if the entrance way is not kept clean, who knows what could be lurking further in. This is a crucial zone to keep properly sanitized.

• What about odors? – How does the smell greet the visitor? Is it completely fresh and clean with possible a gentle fragrance or two. Or is there an overpowering odor of musty carpets and

• The HVAC and Vent system should be undetectable to any of the senses. If you can see dirty build up at the vents, hear funny noises or smell musty odors

To properly address your office cleanliness you will need to partner with a reliable cleaning company. The needs you will have for cleaning programs will be determined by the quantity of foot traffic, the location and the nature of your business.

Victory Building Services has the resources and experience to deliver superior office cleaning service in a wide variety of settings. Don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a cleaning program that suits your needs exactly.