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What To Do If Your Employees Are Frequently Calling Out Of Work Because They Are Sick

If you are noticing that your employees are using up their sick days more often than usual, it is possible that your office space has become a breeding ground for a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Were you aware that the average office desk is covered with 400 times more bacteria and viruses than the typical toilet handle? In addition, there are other areas in the workplace that can become easily contaminated such as:

  • Workplace phones
  • Door handles
  • Microwave handles
  • Water fountain handles
  • Keyboards

So, why is the workplace a breeding area for germs and illnesses? Well, most office workers spend most of their hours in their days in the workplace while in close proximity to their coworkers. Germs love to breed and multiply in close quarters. Furthermore, some people are not as hygienic as others, and may not wash their hands after using the restroom, cover their mouths when they sneeze and cough or wash dishes. These unsanitary actions end up affecting everyone who is in the office space.

Have you ever noticed that if one of your employees come to work sick with a cold or the flu, it is not too long before the entire office is sick? This can be attributed to not only an unclean office environment, but also a lack of proper ventilation in the workplace.

As the owner or manager, it is your responsible to contract the services of a professional commercial cleaning or janitorial service that will ensure your office stays neat and clean throughout the year.

Simple And Effective Tips To Control Bacteria And Viruses In The Workplace

It is challenging to sit and work in front of a computer screen for 40 plus hours a week. Now, just imagine if you are sitting there working while sneezing, sniffling and blowing your nose every few minutes.

Have you noticed that your allergies are more bothersome when you are at work than when you are somewhere else? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then continue reading.

Victory Building Services, the premier commercial cleaning service provider, encourages that the following steps are taken in the workplace to encourage a hygienic work environment.

Wash Your Hands

Almost 80% of all contagious diseases are transmitted by touching via the hands. A good way to prevent many infectious diseases in the office is to wash your hands often. It is an effective, cheap and easy way to keep everyone safe. Aim to wash your hands several times during the work day.

Keep Surfaces Sanitized By Wiping Them Down

As mentioned, the average office desk is covered with 400 times more bacteria and viruses than a toilet seat and handle has. Exposure to serious infections and diseases can be minimized by ensuring phones, keyboards and other surfaces that are touched often are regularly wiped down. Other areas of the office should also be wiped down frequently such as:

  • Changing rooms
  • Refuse areas
  • Storage rooms
  • Canteens

To get the most effective cleaning, it is a good idea to hire a professional commercial cleaning service.

Have A Cleaning Service Regularly Clean Your Office

These companies are experienced in cleaning commercial spaces correctly. They also know how to sanitize and dust your office space to make it look and feel new.

It takes a lot more to clean a commercial office space than to make sure it is well-organized. These are professional cleaners who understand what it takes to keep an office clean and germ-free.

Making sure your office is cleaned by a professional cleaning service will not only ensure that maintains a positive professional image, it will also help to improve your employee’s overall health and well-being.