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The Importance Of Communication In Commercial Cleaning

There are certain commercial cleaning enterprises that believe that silence is golden. As such, they engage in very little communication with their customers.

The apparent thinking behind this is that they assume clients only wish to communicate with their commercial cleaners is there is a problem or they have a complaint. These are things nobody wishes to hear, and so they believe that silence means nothing has gone awry and all is well.

Once a contract has been secured, such companies attempt to sink into the woodwork hoping that their very existence will be all but forgotten by the customer. The cleaning gets done, no issues are raised, and communication is unnecessary.

Why Silence Is Problematic

A typical scenario might go like this. A cleaning firm gets a contract, and service is arranged in line with what they believe the contract requires. Things get off to a good start, and communication begins to taper off. With the passage of time, it stops almost entirely.

A year down the road, a new tenant in the commercial building begins to raise concerns about the cleanliness of the carpeting. The problem emerges that the cleaning crew was wrong all along about what had been required. Its staff had continued cleaning the carpeting at the wrong intervals and in the wrong areas, but since communication had been almost zero, nobody knew about the problem. The company had been operating erroneously for a full 12 months without even being aware of it. In the end, the relationship was on its last legs.

A lack of communication is almost certain to result in bad service. What should occur instead is the following:

A Strong Start

Once a contract is secured, our team will not just leap into the cleaning process without clarifying critical assumptions. Rather, we work together with the commercial client to determine expectations and discuss potential problems that could ultimately emerge.

The point is that commercial cleaning services are not going to be perfect without a bit of work. Communication is key, and it is critical that everyone’s assumptions and expectations are fully vetted with the input of occupants, landlords and the cleaning personnel themselves.

Ongoing Reviews

It is our belief that service and satisfactions reviews throughout the contract term are essential to developing a good relationship. Necessary adjustments can therefore be made in terms of cleaning frequency, zone and level of attention. Tweaks in service can be made in either direction, depending on the needs of the client.

Interested In Starting The Process?

If you have had enough of non-communicative professional cleaners, now is the time to make a change. The team at Victory Building Services stands ready to offer top-notch cleaning service together with free and open communication at all times. Do not allow a habit of silence impact your building’s cleanliness. Contact us today.