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The Importance Of Deep Office Cleanings

Even though regular deep cleanings of office areas are usually overlooked, they are critical. Remember, employees spend a great deal of their time in the office and as a result, the offices get quite dirty. These offices are shared areas and it is very easy for germs to transfer from one person to the other.

Top Down Approach

When it comes to deep office cleaning, a top down approach should be taken. It is best to start high using ladders if necessary and then end off by thoroughly cleaning the floors. So, a great way to start would be to clean, dust and wipe the ceiling, ceiling fans, ceiling corners etc. Then at the middle level, it is best to dust, vacuum and wipe the walls, items on the walls such as paintings or other wall art, lights etc.

Then, it is important to thoroughly clean all horizontal surfaces which includes any touch points. It is best to use a disinfect or other sanitizer to thoroughly clean tables, furniture, desks etc.

Next, bathrooms and kitchenettes should also be deeply cleaned in a similar fashion. It is important for your cleaning company to have well trained cleaners who know how to thoroughly clean these areas using various cleaning supplies and prevent any cross contamination. When it comes to cleaning the kitchenettes, it is essential that only food safe cleaners are used on areas such as microwaves, stove tops, sinks, eating areas etc.

Lastly, after all of the cleaning of the top and middle areas are completed, then cleaning the floor has to be tackled. The carpets in particular should be deep cleaned using steam extraction or other industrial deep cleaning methods. The floors should also be swept, mopped and vacuumed and disinfectant should be used as needed.

How Often Should This Type Of Cleaning Happen?

Many people wonder how often should a business be deeply cleaned. The answer to this question is that it should be deep cleaned as many times as it needs to be, depending on the particular business. There are many different factors which determine how often an office should be cleaned and they include:

  1. Traffic – This is determined by how many people work there as well as how many people pass through the area. So, if the business has a lot of visitors and clients on a daily basis, then it would need more cleanings.
  2. Business type – The type of business determines how often cleanings are necessary. For example, a medical office may only have a handful of people working there, however, there would be almost constant traffic due to sick patients entering and exiting the area. As a result, this type of office would require regular deep cleanings.
  3. Seasons – There are particular seasons throughout the year where more frequent cleanings will be needed such as the cold and flu season. Also during the winter will also need more cleanings due to snow and mud being tracked in.

As you can see, there are many factors that determine how often deep cleanings need to be done. There are particular businesses and buildings that do deep cleanings every month. There are also other offices where it is done twice a year, quarterly etc. Therefore, you need to talk to your cleaning company to determine how often your particular office needs to be cleaned.

Deep Cleaning Specialists

Do you need a janitorial company that specializes in deep cleaning? If so, then you should consider Victory Building Services as we have highly experienced staff and specialize in deep cleaning retail stores, medical offices, office buildings etc. Be sure to give us a call and we will completely take care of your deep cleaning needs.