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Your Guide to a Successful Janitorial Service Transition

Are you afraid of changing things up and hiring a new janitorial service vendor? If you’ve ever made a vendor change in the past it was probably a hassle.  That’s why most companies remain status quo.  Communication was awful, you never saw your sales rep again, vendor didn’t follow-through on all the steps of the process. We get it…. Changing vendors can be a nightmare if the new vendor doesn’t communicate a detailed implementation program.  Let’s help you take the fear of change away with what a new and successful janitorial service transition should like:


Service Agreement Executed by all parties:

  • Terms & Scope of cleaning established & agreed upon.
  • Copies of executed agreement received by all parties.
  • New vendor sends all legal and insurance documents including: Their W9 & a Certificate of Insurance.
  • New vendor provides you with a thorough implementation Plan. Covering what needs to be done to ensure an on-time and successful service start date.


Implementation Date established:

  • Communication of start dates is very important by all parties, reviewing your incumbent’s termination clause is a must before you start the process or making a commercial janitorial change.
  • Review current service agreement for your remaining contract length.
  • Most vendors have a 30 to 60 day cancellation notice policy so make sure the new vendor’s start date aligns with your requirements. Contact your current vendor to establish a service termination date & have them pick up of equipment & materials from your facility on the required date.


Point of Contacts Established:

  • New Janitorial companies should provide who the contact is for their company for service request, examples: Sales Representative, Operations Manager, Shift-Supervisors
  • Client should also provide point of contact information for their facility to the new vendor: Names, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, multiple contacts is very helpful.


Visit Prior to Service Start Date:

Final Walk-through of facility before implementation should be required to answer any additional questions before the start of services with your new vendor. This is a great time for the following:

    • Meeting new vendors operations team, or whoever is responsible for the day-to-day services at your location.
    • Provide keys/fobs/building alarm information for your facility.
    • Show the vendor storage areas and water hookups for their equipment and supplies.

Implementation of New Service:

Typically, a well-established janitorial company will have sales, operations, or shift supervisors on site with the cleaning crew the first few shifts when starting services with a new client. They will help with:

    • Setting up janitorial closets with required equipment & supplies.
    • Training of cleaning crews on according to the agreed upon “Scope of Work”.
    • Answering any last-minute questions, or requests, you may have.


30 Day Review of Your New Service Program:

  • New commercial janitorial vendor should setup a meeting to review implementation of the program after the first month of service.
  • Ongoing review meetings should also be established right away. These are a great way to ensure services are continually meeting expectations.
  • Inspection schedules discussed.


We hope this helps eliminate some of the fear of making your change to a new commercial janitorial company. Don’t settle for less!


If you’re ready for a smooth change in your service provider contact Victory Building Services today!