Victory Building Services

School Cleaning – Providing a Safe Learning Environment

School facilities need to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for people to work & learn. Our approach to school cleaning helps protect the health of your students and your staff by creating a successful cleaning plan designed for your building. From daily porter services and general cleaning to highly effective electrostatic disinfecting, we offer all levels of service to fit your building’s needs. And our pricing will fall within your budget!


Day Porter Services

Keeping your facility presentable throughout the day can be a challenge with students. Students are making messes, coughing, sneezing, tracking dirt throughout the halls all day long. And depending on the volume of people in your school you may not want to wait around for the evening cleaning service. This is where day porter services come in. Day porters are there to make sure your facility is clean & sanitized throughout the day. They take care of situations that need immediate attention until the night cleaning team comes in to clean the remainder of the building.  


Evening Janitorial Services

Your school is probably a fairly large building with anywhere from a few dozen students to hundreds of them (maybe even thousands). With experience handling both small and large school buildings, we understand the requirements needed to keep a school constantly clean. From the higher staffing needs to specialized cleaning equipment, we have the resources necessary to provide a successful school cleaning program.


Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is a superior disinfection method that disperses chemicals at a micron size droplet which electrostatically wraps around all exposed, and hard to reach surfaces to provide far superior coverage and allow proper contact time to kill contaminates and break the chain of pathogen mobility. The benefit of this is a building where the surfaces are nearly 100% coated with pathogen killing disinfectant. Meaning a sterile environment for all.


Budget Friendly Services

We understand that you are under a tight budget. Although we pride our services as being a premium level service for school facilities, our prices are budget friendly. If you decide to meet with us and find our pricing is just right outside of your budget then let us know and we almost always can find a way to adjust the Scope of Work to tailor an effective service plan that falls within your budget.